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Who Needs a Prenup?

Prenups are not just for the wealthy. Historically speaking Prenups are often used to protect the assets of the wealthy, however; couples of more modest means are increasingly turning to them for reasons listed below.

  1. Pass separate property to children from prior marriages. 
  2. Clarify financial rights
  3. Avoid arguments in case of divorce
  4.  Protection from debts

Unfortunately, a prenuptial have  developed a stigma as being unromantic and self-serving . As a result,  have negative overtones about the future of a marital union. Often individuals are left with the difficult choice between  making a marriage practical and keeping it romantic.

However, prenuptial agreements are written not in anticipation of  divorce, but in anticipation of death. And taking care of your surviving spouse after your death is arguably one of the most thoughtful and responsible actions you  can take.  Prenuptial agreements can bring bliss to your marriage by settling  financial issues and keeping them from creating conflict during your life  together. 


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